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By now, most of you should be well acquainted with the awesome shirt that is Loki Charms!
This shirt has only been offered about 3 or 4 times, on those one day only t-shirt sites. Well if you’ve not gotten your hands on these yet, or just want more (I own about 3 or 4 myself!), then you have another chance!

The artist who designed this, Bamboota, is trying to get a run over on teepublic. She needs 30 pre-orders to get this printed. So if you’re interested, go on over and do so! :)

So I still can’t shake the creepy fact that there is someone else out there who looks nearly identical to me.

The last time I posted the picture of this Thor, I intentionally tried to find an existing picture of me where I most resembled him. This time I tried to copy the pose and facial expression he made.

Again, let me remind you THE THOR IS NOT ME! 

I am the good looking guy on the left, while the Thor is some random guy who was working a booth at Comic con in Santiago, Chile.

I’ve gotta find out who this guy is. If I do I may actually have to fly down to Chile, just to take Thor/Loki pictures with him.

This is total insanity.

The Thor in this picture…. you would swear that it was….. but is is NOT me.


I first saw a picture of this guy last fall, and everyone was shocked to find out that it was actually a picture of somebody else. Even my own mother thought it was a picture of me, when I showed it to her.

It wasn’t until last night that I thought of this picture again, and decided to find photographer, thinking he might be able to identify this guy.
This would be the original picture.

I immediately found the photographer, who replied this morning. He did not know who this guy was. But he did tell me that this was taken at Comic Con last year, in Santiago, Chile. So I searched more today, and I found a whole ton more pictures of this guy. But still nothing to identify who this is.
Numerous pictures of this dude can be found in this gallery.

He definitely has my eyes and my cheekbones, but the more angles I see of him, it’s clear that he has a wider chin/jaw than I do. I think that the facial hair does a lot to mask that aspect, which helps make him look so similar to me. I wonder what he would look like without it, or even without the long hair.

It is so funny to me that my “twin” dresses as Thor, while I dress as Loki. Wouldn’t it be crazy if he & I took pictures together, in our respective costumes? It would probably result in some crazy Paradoxial Doctor Who Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Whimey sort of catastrophe.

Anyone know who this guy is? Not saying I have some long lost brother or anything, because I know there isn’t one. haha

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